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Plus Size Women Fitness – Pole Dancing

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Women Fitness – Pole Dancing for Plus Size Women.  Positive Motivation for Plus Size Women

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Ron Elite says:

Ms. you're very pretty with killer body curves. Just curious how tall are you? …Im actually 77 3/4 inches no shoes.

Amber Knickman says:

Ugh how do you guys not get blisters on your hands? I just bought my own pole and have been using it for three days and I have blisters on my palms and they busted open 😷😷 they are so tender! I'm also plus size! So I am only doing floor work right now. I need tips for the hands! Y'all are my inspiration

heyamberbaby says:

Now I want to take a pole class!

ettuandyou says:

so so happy to see this. thank you.

mauricio lara says:

thanks for you vídeos and beauty smile .sometime glam.

RJSn2 says:

I wish I had known about this when I was in AZ. Lived in Tempe/Chandler all of my life but moved to MN three years ago

Carrie Mancini says:

This looks like so much fun! I am addicted to Zumba and feel so good while I am doing it! It is like dancing with the bonus of being good for you 🙂

Cristin Sierra says:

This looks so fun!

Mary'sFabLife says:


Kristina Ingersoll says:

This video is so artistically presented and beautiful.

samantha banks says:

Wow 😍 I want to try this!

Naomi says:

We need this in the uk

abhishek dutta says:

that's awesome that you're adding different dimensions to your life

Twylinaelizabeth says:

I love you! I'm in Phoenix too and I felt like I couldn't find a body positivity community here. It's so good to see that no matter where you are, you can find your community.

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