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Simple 5-Min Standing Flat-Belly Exercise Workout | Abs Exercise for Women

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Here’s a simple 5 minute flat-belly exercise that you can do while standing.  These Women Abs Exercises will have your stomach flatter in no time and also help increase your cardio rate.  Special thanks to Katie Dunlop, creator of Love Sweat Fitness, for this video

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Check out Anna on Katie Dunlop’s Love Sweat Fitness channel here:

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SillyGirl-Robloxgameplayer says:

Sorry I'm late but this helped all those other YouTube channels didn't really help and every time i got done i never really was sweating like i was for this video and i would never be out of breathe for once so thanks also is that a sign that its working? I'm getting in shape for track season cant wait!

Maya Carpenter says:

I just got my first abs. A 14 year old girl getting abs,that's just awful😧. Well, i just wanna flatten my belly so I will do this anyway😩


I think This is a leg workout not a core workout.

Aldina Dina Halilagic says:

This is amazing

cheeky rotties says:

Dome this tutorial for the first time and as a 56yr old woman getting back into fitness I loved it

Mariyam Shaikh says:

I think it's too easy nd I should start this

pallavi Kharat says:

Very..very good ….exercise….really work

Shayan Jadoon says:

In start: hahaha I can do it in a minute
In last: who is there to kill me

sukanya sarkar says:

All these are unique.Really I love it.

FloraAw RBLX says:

Can sonebody tell me their progress? Once I start this, I will update my progress. 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

prasanna kandregula says:

Its simply awesome!! Great workout.. You guys are making it way simple for beginners as well.

jayag4 says:

Pls tell how many calories does it burn?

jayag4 says:

Can anybody tell how many days..I can see the results

Jalinda Life-Is-Beautiful says:

Alright, so I'm searching around and found you guys, just did the workout, day one today let's see how it turns out after a month. Must say felt the burn.

Tiffany Davis says:

Nice!! I like a few! 👍

Necia Grecia says:

Started today and sure enough I️ feel the pain!! But I️ know it will pay off thank you guys so much!!

Natalia says:

put on my yoga pants and tied up my hair…now time to go


jien007 says:

Now that was real intense! My heart rate spiked up like cray 😜

Karen Sharman says:

just to see them makes me tired. i am so bad at exercising 😣

Harischandra Prasad says:

very nice video and please see the below link

Gwyneth reading compeetion x shania says:

pretty good

Iamnot Me says:

I did a 20 min vid n ended it with this.

Iamnot Me says:

Awesome. Just subscribed to love sweat fitness

m i r a Teoxon says:

I should try this. but i need motivation for every like i can get. Thanks guys!

Floopy Rocks says:

So how often should we do this?

puneet nangia says:

boys can also do this?

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