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Women’s Fitness – Shoulders Workout Routine (Gym)

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Women’s Fitness – Shoulders Workout Routine

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Courtesy of Buff Dudes

Starring: Brandon, Amanda
Edited by: Hudson

Buff Dudes Logo by: Brandon White

Music in this video is used under license from the rights holder.

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Stefan says:

Such an ugly tattoo, such a turn off

Arnetta Ambriz says:

Good to see that the Unflexal includes new training instructions to build my body perfectly.

Chloé Sammie says:

Please make vids of women back w.o.

Abhishek Saha says:

MAN…she is REALLY A BOMB💣💣💣💣…had she been my gum instructor, I would've been still going to GYM…👄👄👄👄😘😘😘

Ahdree23 says:

She's like a buff, tattooed Margot Robbie!

debs berns says:

buff dudes i hope you gonna feature sexier arms fkr girls ty 🙂

tom ghazi says:

waaaaaaaaah your bodyyyyyyy sooooo amizing

mr hollands opus says:

I love this. I would like to see some exercises for bat wings.

s w says:

Great workout. Just what I was looking for, thanks!

Omjit Muangkhaw says:

Full body work out for women beginner make sure no over trying plssssssssss

Omjit Muangkhaw says:

Awoken work out with tricep. night mare with Biggs wings!!!!

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