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Intense Women Abs Workout Routine – Get A Flat Stomach Exercise (10 Mins)

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Intense Abs Workout Routine for Women.  10 minutes workout to have a Flat Stomach…

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M Perez says:

day 2, still tough, but made it through.

Esther says:

How could anyone dislike this?

Jessica Avalos says:

I hate when people post these comments about " however many likes I get" and that type of shit!

Cecilia Herpai says:

Whats the music!!!? Anyone!? I'm obsessed!!!

Park Mochimin says:

You made it look so easy! I tried it out and felt like crying because it was so painful lmao. I'll keep doing it tho, thanks for the video! 🙌

Raluca x says:

I have been doing this workout a lot lately and I can see the results very well and very fast. Highly recomend!

Anj says:

I will not eat any junk food for _ days on how many likes this gets.

dila ' says:

I'm doing this workout for 3 weeks now. I usually try to do it in the morning so I have more Energy and you guys I can already see a huge process! 😊

Tasnimas Khanom says:

I'm deaddddddddd

Zoe Marris says:

I did this workout and it helped a lot. I personally play a lot of sports, including swimming, and this helped improve a lot of my core strength and butterfly stroke. Highly recommended for athletes! Thank you, Chloe! 💪🏽

Maya says:

Ive been really slacking off on exercising consistently and I haven't been eating very healthy either. but all the comments have motivated me to push myself and try harder so that's what I'll be doing. I'll also be doing daily updates (if I don't forget) starting tomorrow

Regina Sadang says:

Hey guys! Help me out in order to get in shape lmao. I'll challenge myself!1 like = 1 exercise per day of this video1 comment = 2 rounds of this in a day

Amy y says:

honestly this helps, i do it once a day and this makes me start eating healthier

Adriana Hrndz says:

Eats a bag of chips while screaming "HAHA SUCKERS"

Kelly Yanzo says:

Can I call a fire department? IT BURNS!!

alleghany999 says:

What is all that ugly noise, not the voice. Please make it stop.

Marleigh Sigler says:

I just did this exercise with her…… I have never sweated so much in my life! Great video I will come back with results!

Akame たかし says:

I couldn't do all of them straight, I had to stop in between to catch my breaths. But I will keep doing it till I keep doing it without stopping. Thanks for the great video, I always enjoy your channel. Your videos inspired me to get in shape. I love you!! ❤

Marisol Chavez says:

does anybody know how many calories u burn by doing it once?

M Perez says:

wow. I've done abs workout for some time and have a flat stomach already. This is the first ab routine I've done that made me sweat profusely! See y'all tomorrow, this is intense.

Domenica S. says:

How many calories does this burn? I wanna log it in my fitness app!!

Tezdrawing says:

gonna try it!
like right now

Hungry Hippo says:

I'm going to be doing this routine for at least 1 week and i promise I will keep you guys updated unlike the rest!! (Keep in mind I am already pretty skinny in my stomach area but if you're not you will just have to work a little harder!!)

noelle khalaf says:

do you guys recommend doing this once or twice a day?

Kooky Elf says:

got abs In4 days (: not full abs but shapping of them with the line down the middle

Natalia Moreno says:

Your exercise is amazing!!!!

Sky Huyền 's' says:

It's si difficult 🙁 the last one !

Senpapied says:

My arm mostly hurted so I gave up

the nf says:

the last one is the hardest THIS IS THE TEASE OF HELL I AM SCREAMING

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