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Beginner Women Fitness Full Body Workout Routine at Home (Full Body 20 Minute Floor Exercises)

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This At Home Female Fitness Workout Routine helps your legs and stomach area.  Easy Beginners Workout for Women – Full Body 20 Minute Floor Exercises.  Join Traci Arlene for an easy beginner’s workout for women.

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PsycheTruth says:

Want more fitness? Check out Psychetruth Plus, 100's of videos not on youtube:

Decent Pain says:

You call that easy?

JAY T says:

i loved it. she made 20 min feel like 5. and it def gave me the confidence to do it more.

Mary Medenilla says:

Thank you! I did enjoy it, first time here. -52 y/o woman

Giada Pieropan says:

amazing workout! Started just today 🙂

Pénélope Coatalen says:

Hi there! I enjoyed this workout and I like your personality (which is not always the case with fitness coaches, as with anybody) but I find you a bit chatty. I prefer more of a flow in my routine. Thank you.

Adriana Ortiz says:

I love this workout.

Mandy A says:

This was super had for me, but still pretty fun, I am definitely going to continue to do this as a challenge

Malecisnylife Yes says:

I loved this :). My body was so sore haha

Sani k says:

it's not a good start for beginner!!!!

Angie Jogan says:

i love how tracy and some of the girls explain the workouts and show the steps i exercise more and feel much better keep up the awesome work

Michelle Lau says:

for "beginners" i died after 3 mins hahahaha

Londa Mull says:

She's cute. But I also appreciate how she takes the time to really explain and has lots of time for transitions. This is one of the better beginner workout videos I've seen. Lots of other beginner videos assume that the watcher is at the same level of the teacher. This girl is very aware and sensitive that a beginner truly might not "get" what's going on. Thank you for being thorough and slow! ❤

MT G says:

what a great workout programm! Im gonna follow you! thanks a lot 😘

Alyssa Garcia says:

It's been 2months and I kept on doing the working out and it actually really work I had abs and I kept on going stronger than I thought I did.

Alefiyah Gandhi says:

Enjoyed the work out. I'm a beginner and this is perfect. Thanks.

Nui Fanai says:

i like it and its make me fit

Jess Manning says:

I really liked that improvised cobra. I'd call it the dolphin. I felt majestic. lol

Sera V says:

Can i do this workout everyday?

Aayah chuu says:

I'm 74kg I want to loose weight first

Mya loya says:

talk to much

Deepty Sarder says:

U gave very nice piece of advise for work out….. Effective so far i got

Ayleen Staub says:

You shouldnt really stop when it starts hurting a little bit..

Rehab Asad says:

Great workout!!!

Kelly Parrish says:

How is this a FULL BODY workout?

Eniola Folarin says:

In a weird way, I felt really empowered doing this exercise. Thank you.

Tatyana Quinn says:

Starting my weightless in the morning <3 wish me luck.

Kimberly Francesca Gadayan says:

how much calories does this workout burn?

Serena Paul says:

this is a beginners workout. i'm clearly here because i'm a beginner. but i'm here to exercise. not take breaks between 5 leg lifts. i got so frustrated when all she wanted to do was show how to take a break for beginners so I ended up doing more then she did. SO ANNOYING

Harley Anderson says:

I am trying to do this work out but I shake the whole time. I've worked out years ago but only in school and that was before middle school after then they had to pull me from PE because of my health now I am going raw vegan and I'm trying not to give up but this shaking is really disappointing me.

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