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Women Cardio Workout Ideas For Beginners

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A quick cardio workout routine for women.  These exercises are great for beginners.  Go Ahead and Get Started…

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Harley O'Hurn says:

Your really pretty

Maria Fulgencio says:

its like body blender

Mishka Attempting to be a Hijabi says:

This helped a lot thanks

Felix Anderson says:

Love your vids keep up the good work. Thanks

Rachel Marie says:

This has been the most helpful video i've seen.

Danial khan says:

I feel weird doing these kinds of exercises in gym 😣

Neha D says:

i have started going gym lately but i found out that i dont have much stamina to perform all this..what should i do to increase stamina..i m on vegan diet..please help me..


Good stuff, Jen! Thanks for breaking the terminology down. I never knew what plyos meant/were.

아리구미호 says:

I downloaded the app you recommended and its so helpful!!!!!!!!! Its like working out with you right next to me !! Yall should get the app, its lit

Advance Electrical says:

yes it was very very helpful , thank you! 🙂

A Hjj says:

I feel really self conscious in the gym like everyone can tell I'm a novice does any one else experience this

bowlofarthritus says:

Which is a better temperature to workout in, heat or cold? Heat you're obviously sweating more, but in the cold, your body is using your stored fat more rapidly to keep warm. I only figured that from I was working in a freezing cold parking garage for a couple weeks in the winter, and when I ate, I was warm again

Lissette Rodriguez says:

Love it😍

edward campos says:

Тhis prоduсt is awеsоoоmе. I gainеd wааааууу morе musсlе mаss ааааnd rеduсеееd bodу fаt fаster than any оthеr protein suррррlеmеnt I'vе triеd befоrе in thе раst =>

LivingWithLupie says:

Do you need to do all of these exercises in one workout?

Karol Moreno says:

benny benassi playing in the background.

Nicole Sheridan says:

Hi Jen and everyone!
just want to know if I can do plyio or HIIT training without warming up or doing threadmill or so for a week or more? I stopped exercising for more than 6 months and now weighing about 180 pounds (from 220 pounds), I'm just a bit worried that I might get injury or what in doing this but I would absolutely want to try this. thanks very much for your replies! Love you Jen!

Yasmin Rivera says:

Lol I wish you could be my trainer.

Saidi Jeweher says:

Bunny Jenny thank you for being all the way with me in my amazing fitness lifestyle, please can you do workout planing video !!!

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