Quick Build Your Booty Exercise Routine for Women [Gym]

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A Simple Exercise Routine for Women to build your Booty.  When doing this Gym Workout make sure you keep the correct form and use some challenging weights to get the Butt you desire.

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Cesar Santibanez says:

Tiny booty, u disappointed me

Viridiana Moreno Nunez says:

can i use the same weight all the time and my booty will still grow ? or do i have to be adding more weight

Jamie Jean-Louis says:

Everyone's a fucking a critic. If I were you sis I wouldn't worry about these idiotic people complaining about you not using heavier weights. Don't pull a muscle listening to them.

Alex Jaramillo says:

they let you record at the gym so shocking

M R says:

can this be done on incline leg press?

Brandie Suarez says:

put some weight on the machine

su carlita says:

I subscribe

su carlita says:

natural perfect body. love it

Ola sam says:

plase do upper body workout

rolndice says:

Instead of the Smith machine I would do those squats free weight Vicky to get that booty to the next level.. Looking good though as always.

Krystel Carolina says:

Vicky how long do workout in the gym?

mahla moore says:

Hey!! How many reps per machine??

MakeUpMooh says:

How many reps and sets?

Vanessa Gonzalez says:

would you recommend this to a person whos been doing ur body at home workouts for a while and wants to start going to the gym?

Arjan Tigchelaar says:

That second exercise! WTH you doing?! "the correct form"?! Get off that machine, you're gonna hurt yourself. Don't even know what to call that.

Kamila B says:

I'm loving your vids, Vicky <3 Very motivational!! Thank you 😉

Marianna says:

Vicky please freakin answer!!! To get a bigger butt and toner legs is it better just to do workouts with the barbell because I'm planning on getting one soon????

Socio says:

You sure know how to make light weight look heavy lol

Brenda Leann says:

Do you have to use equipment or can you do it without

safaa bn10 says:

How many times a week should I train my butt ? please answer me

AZTFUT says:

nice ass ^^

ndgar says:

Hey Vicky, your videos are amazing!
Can you make a video on your diet and nutrition please please please =)

DieFFe85 says:

+vicky justiz You're so fucking hot andò beautiful and you do always a great job! Love u. 🙂

Alex Elsemann says:

Thank you Vicky! Take care.

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