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Pregnant Womens Fitness Video – 1st & 2nd Trimester Workout

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1st and 2nd trimester workout videos for expecting women wanting to stay fit during pregnancy. Our video shows exercises that are designed to assist in staying healthy and fit during the first terms of pregnancy. Please make sure to consult your doctor before engaging to make sure they are right for you. Enjoy the benefits courtesy of

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Magdiel Flores says:

What about 3 rd trimester

Mary Lee says:

amazing.. I love this workout.. thankyou

Katherine Acosta Lopez says:

Lovely exercise video. Thank you very much!

Grace Njeri says:

Wow! This is the best prenatal workout video I've come across. I'm really glad! Feeling much better after just the first session.

medi zou says:

+Lord spalpan ya smimna ta3i

hope floyd says:

she looks like Kirsten dunst from bring it on!

B. L. says:

this made me feel good afterward..and not too hard while pregnant! thank you!! hope this is the start of a regular (pilates) routine!

Jennifer Deg says:

Love this! I have an ankle fusion so am limited to what I can do exercise wise. I recently started aquatic aerobics which has been nice. Question: Do you happen to know how many calories this burns if any?

Widdy Anggia says:

i enjoyed this workout and everyday i always practice this exercise, thankyou so much , this is so helpfull for my first and second trimester

Viktoriya Epifantseva says:

I loved itThank you!

Chaya Silberberg says:

Thank you so much!! I enjoyed the video very much!

Tanya Wolf says:

Dziękuję bardzo!

Jana Makerova says:

Thank you for your pregnancy workouts! I've searched a lot, yours are the most reasonable. I've been doing your workouts during the whole pregnancy and now I'm happy to have a healthy baby, and the labor was easy and now just two weeks after I feel well and my belly is flat. Thanks a lot!

Jassmen Robinson says:

I really enjoyed this workout! Wasn't out of breath or anything( that's progress for me) lol

Izz Syahiran says:

kos is so cute

Cheryl Pillsbury says:

This was fantastic. I've been very nervous about exercising again and
haven't really since finding out I was pregnant. This, however, felt
great! I loved the stretches!

Jenny Mosher says:

I like your exercise because it's easy for me and makes me relax.

Angel McDowell says:

This is awesome! i was having a really bad upper back pain a week ago untill now and after i finish this exercise i just felt better and my mood became better. This is really effective thank you!

Carib Spice says:

Thanks for sharing. I'd workout outdoors if it wasn't so dang hot in Texas. Lol.

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