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Women Fitness At Home Video -10 Min Abs Workout (Abdominal and Oblique Exercises)

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Fitness Blender shares a 10 minute Abs Workout Routine for Women at Home.  Simple and well demonstrated.

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Yashwath Gowda says:

are crunches hard for big boob girls ??

Janell Lynn says:

How often should these exercises be done to get the results for flatter abs? Twice a day, once a day, or a few times a week?

Midlight Flower says:

It works thanks

Evil Queen says:

ok. i will try…

Darith DC says:

Dear anyone, does this actually work if i only do this once a day on Mon/Wed/Fri?

Emily Borges says:

How often should I do this a week?

Tanya Rafiq says:

I will do this for a whole year and hopefully see some results as I don't want to have loose skin.

Thomas says:

I did this workout for 5 weeks every single day
And i only drank water
Now I've a Sixpack
If I can do it you can do it !

Hanny Singh says:

tnx I love it

Bulletcore says:

I am sure I can't do any of these 🙁

janet abejo says:

I try this exercise. .after eat chocolate

พิชญธิดา เฉิดเจือ says:


zahraa k says:

How many calories does this burn? I weight 105pound

Priscilla Antoh says:

Lord save me through this rough time. I need to loose this weight

Nikita Nelson says:

what to eat before doing exercise??? Pls tell me diet also to control tummy fat..I had flat tummy but now it's sagging 😢😢😢

Danielle Douglas says:

I'm doing this because I'm about to go to 6th grade and in tryna look flawless they gone be like wow she healthy lol

Lizzy Love says:

I loved this video!!! I've been trying to find a good abs workout and nothing actually made me feel like it was doing anything it just made me tired but this made me feel my muscles working

Lo :) says:

I've been doing your exercises and trying to eat healthy for last month and I do not see big difference (duh), but I feel much stronger and in shape than before. Thank you for making videos strictly because of fitness and not like those other annoying fitness gurus.

Imaginingall says:

First time I'm grateful for an ad

MidoTV Adventure says:

Man that hurts … stamina went downfall !! more of this is betterm gym thing by itself ain't shiiitt. thanks.

Kimberly Spears says:

Anybody did this video everyday for a week and got results?

Academia Bica´s says:

Thanks, that video made me sweat i must admit that i felt workout my abs very strong.

Aranza Ibarrondo says:

It was really nice and I felt really good after the workout👌🏻👌🏻 I'm gonna keep doing this

Mazza TV says:

Just started doing this work out, like if it worked ☄

Ezzah Malik says:

Really! It works

Brianna frost says:

this is such a great workout guys and trust me it realley works and it helps ur waist and hips

Donna Valencia says:

People say I'm fat so I do this 😁

Ally May says:

I'm only 2 seconds in and i already feel the burn

Breezzy says:

0:00 was the best part

지민 got no jams says:

im watching this while stuffing my face with hot cheetos

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