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Women Butt Workout |Booty Fitness Routine | Glute Exercise Routine (Home) 🍑

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Women Booty Fitness Routine while at home.  This is an awesome workout routine to get those glutes in shape.  If you want something more intense that use some weights or dumbells…

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intelligenceisnot says:

Love to see the opening shot in a light, solid color on shiny material 🙂

Maliyah Danielz says:

Does this work anyone?????

MirMiti says:

Girl stop arching your back like that!! This is really wrong and you'll get injured

Sheri Ingram says:

Well idk I sholl be feeling the burn and this my second day exercising and my legs are so much in pain

Faery Dust says:

I just want to say THANK YOU !!!! Your workouts are so simple and easy. You dont make it complicated. Im so glad i found you !!! 💕💕💕

Grossirfesses Seins says:

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lillyanna servey says:

I love these workouts they actually help me đŸ’Ș🍑 and you feel the burn

amanda najera says:

People have to chill, I’ve been doing exercises like this for awhile without any weights and I have seeing great results. So try it before you judge.

Semaj Patrick says:

Bro where does she get her LEGGINGS I WANT THEM

Tiff Lovin says:

I think your awesome thanks for the great motivation during the videos! Love this been doing these for a week now, just have to work on my diet though 😉

Lashonda Taylor says:

i fell doing the leg up

Kandace Dickerson says:

girl u did an amazing job I did them just today and I'm already sweating and I feel that burn and u don't just have to heavy lift this is what u can do to lose some slack and possibly get an injury one day by heavy lifting u did I good job I love it

Nataly Ruiz says:

This exercises doesn't work without weight

Nataly Ruiz says:

Me inicié en el mundo del fitness con estos videos, llevo un año y un mes haciendo ejercicio en el gym y solo así pude ver cambios, estos ejercicios sin peso simplemente NO funcionan para comenzar esta bien pero luego de un mes debes agregar peso y esto debe ser progresivo si quieres aumentar masa muscular

Boki Cvetkov says:

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research some easy exercises online
Do some toning exercises such as weighted squats and donkey kicks.
Try changing your diet. Eat lots of protein and the right type of carbs and fats.
Wear the right clothes. Try butt-lifting underwear or a girdle.
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Gamingurl32 DS says:

Look at her body at 0:02 it's obvious that she stuffed her butt cause it's fake

Gamingurl32 DS says:

Look at her body when she excercising 0:39

Sylvia Cox says:

Thanks so very much!!! I love this and you are awesome!!! <3

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